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It was not easy at all to get Bianca wet... And probably this was among the longest "struggle" to get a girl into the water, cos usually if I cannot convince her in 5 minutes I give up... BUT this pretty girl needed a little extra time, and I am happy I spent the extra time convincing her cos her image with her soaked clothes in the jacuzzi was well worth it...
After all I cannot find a girl on the streets every day, wearing mini skirt and boots with some 40-50 den pantyhose... THAT ALONE it's a pretty nice image (let's be honest here) BUT if I manage to get her wet at the end of the day the picture I see (and you see) it's even better, so as I told you my time was well spent.

I don't know much about her... cos to be honest I was more concerned on how she will react when she will see the jacuzzi and a lot of lights surrounding the place, and I was afraid to not "lose her" when she will see the gear and the crew, my fright was fueled by the fact that she was a little impulsive in her behavior (you will see what I mean if you watch the video ;)

BUT as William Shakespeare said "All's Well That Ends Well" so the ending of my meeting with Bianca ended just the way we like it... with Bianca totally soaked, with all her clothes on.

Enjoy watching her.


  • Great Model and she takes her boots of right :)

    Will there be more updates of Bianca or is this the only one ?

    John (Thursday, August 1, 2013)

    • Hello John,
      yes... she took off the boots.

      There are no more updates with her.

      webmaster (Friday, August 2, 2013)

      • Is another update planned with her ?

        John (Friday, August 2, 2013)

        • Hello John, no... currently I don't have plans to call her for another shooting.

          webmaster (Friday, August 2, 2013)

          • you gotta call necessarily for more updates !!!

            Please please please :))

            John (Friday, August 2, 2013)

  • Extra Picture #1
    Extra Picture #1

    I have one extra picture for the fans...

    webmaster (Friday, August 2, 2013)

    • She looks great!!!

      Jim (Sunday, August 4, 2013)

  • Absolutely fantastic model !
    Please more updates with her !!
    I think she loved it in the water :)

    Steve (Sunday, August 4, 2013)

    • Yes, she did ;)

      webmaster (Monday, August 5, 2013)

      • you must make absolutely even more updates with her !!! :)

        Steve (Monday, August 5, 2013)

        • Ok, I will see if it's possible.

          webmaster (Monday, August 5, 2013)

          • Great :)

            Please let us know what they said :)

            Steve (Monday, August 5, 2013)

  • Great update!!! LOVE the white sweater dress, very, very sexy!!!!!!

    wetangora (Monday, August 5, 2013)

    • Always looking forward for your feedback on sweaters ;)

      webmaster (Monday, August 5, 2013)

    • Yes, finally an update with a wooly sweater dress.That's teriffic. Please more updates with wool or angora clothing.

      Guest (Saturday, September 28, 2013)

  • No, finaly an update with the whole wet outfit,please. ;-)

    TheHoppel (Thursday, November 28, 2013)

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