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Kinga has a special session for all the casual clothing fans.
Wash off included as usual.


  • There seems to be to many Steve's now, so I changed my nickname. I just bought the update, Once again a superb set! Beautiful girl! I was wondering if its possible to make the wash off sessions longer in the future? maybe 7 - 10 mins ;)

    ╝Steve╗ (Friday, July 12, 2013)

    • Hello Steve,
      well, I cannot promise anything regarding this because the "meat" is the messy clip, the wash off is merely a bonus. And since we start to make more and more videos with 1080p resolution 10 minutes of these videos are 1GB. So I need to be carefull with the space on the server ;)
      BUT I see what I can do about the request.

      webmaster (Friday, July 12, 2013)

      • Another good idea is making the 10 min long washoff session a separate update to buy for full price, that way you guys will make more money ;) We can call it "Messy girls get clean while getting wet updates". Maybe you can make this an "experiment idea" and see if it will sell ;) (If you guys decide to do this, I'm definitely going to buy these updates)

        Although you guys can still include the normal short washoff bonus if they decide to buy the WAMPLACE update, because I don't think people will be happy if you guys remove the bonus washoff from the Muddy sessions.

        The girls clean themselves up after muddy sessions anyway, they might as well do it long and thoroughly, so why not shoot them with the camera while they are doing it ;)
        Let me know what you think ;)

        ╝Steve╗ (Saturday, July 13, 2013)

        • Ok, so basically we will have a 10 minutes wash off session wich can be sold separately BUT we will make a collage of 3-4 minutes and include that in the normal update.
          I think we can try with some of the videos, a few of the new ones which will be made this summer, and based on the result we will do more or less in 2014.

          webmaster (Monday, July 15, 2013)

          • That sounds awesome ;)
            I see this idea as very efficient, in this way when you guys work your magic in making a WAMPLACE update, you get 2 updates out of 1 shooting, and if it sells, you will get 2x income $ for these updates ;)

            Also, maybe you can add a 1-2min collage of the muddy session for the 10min washoff, just to put the icing on the cake ;)

            When these updates come out, I really hope the muddy fans will enjoy watching the girls get clean while getting wet ;)

            The premise of this idea is how much the pretty ladies can get clean after having a mud session, also I hope they get clean halfway the washoff session so the rest is like a wetlook update, so every muddy and wetlook fan will be happy ;)

            ╝Steve╗ (Monday, July 15, 2013)

            • Yes... it's an interesting point of view.
              I any case I would be curious to hear more opinions BUT we will do some updates like this for sure.

              webmaster (Tuesday, July 16, 2013)

      • If you need any help scaling out the storage, so we get full HD versions of everything... :)

        NS (Saturday, November 8, 2014)

        • Thank you NS, now a days we have a much bigger server so everything we produce is in 1080p
          Only the scenes produced in the past years BUT not released are in 720p

          webmaster (Saturday, November 8, 2014)

  • First of all: Really good set!
    But there is one thing...

    The short wash-off part is not annoying to me, but I understand what "Steve" feels like, the wash off is around 10 pictures long in the photo set.

    What's really a bit sad is that we only have 1 (ONE) clean picture of her. In the second picture she already sits down in the dirt. I always LOVE to see the clean girl in her pretty clothes from all angles and maybe in a "clean environment" fantasizing what happens next...

    Think you understand. I think that's the reason why for example on your hunts you included the hunt where we really feel like "such a clean pretty girl... will she do it??"... "oh my god... yesss"

    Anon. Guest (Friday, July 12, 2013)

    • Yes, I see the point... and I agree with you... We do short "clean" parts because we want to include as much mud play as we can in the time of the clip... BUT your point is a valid one and I am curious to see other opinions on this matter.
      So guys, don't be shy... let's see some other fans opinions.

      webmaster (Friday, July 12, 2013)

      • though i prefer custard and wish to see more messy food fights on your site I agree with the point made about clean pics. i want to see the innocent dry clean beauty before it all gets dirty. i dont want to imagine what she wears underneath, i want to know it. if she has a cute butt in that tight pants i want to see it clean first. 10 to 20 pictures and one minute on video are enough though. but clean IS totally important.

        by the way id love to see cute casual girls in sneakers doing a custard fight with pie sitting and clothes filling. that would be awesome! :)

        Guest (Monday, July 29, 2013)

        • Thank you for the feedback... It's very important to have feedbacks like this... to know what we need to change in the future.

          webmaster (Monday, July 29, 2013)

          • You're welcome!

            Ok, so I want to share my idea for my dream website with you:
            I love your concept of hunting girls in the street.

            Maybe you could hunt 2 girls who play a messy game together?
            An ordinary food fight would be great, but I think you also need a "story" for the girls.

            So my idea is to call it "Fill your clothes!" or something.

            Both girls get the same amount of messy stuff: a pie, several joghurts, strawberry syrup, custard, milk etc.

            Now they have to fill their clothes with it.
            The winner is the girl who has it all stuffed into her clothes first.
            Every bottle / can has to be empty.

            The winner gets some cash and if they are friends maybe they share it... but best of all two pretty casual girls get messy with food. Really miss that on your site! you've had some great sets with food play back in the beginning.

            I remember discovering your wetlook- and wamhunter websites, it was unlike anything I ever saw before. The main reason for me why I kept coming back again and again was your real candid concept. Unlike any other wam producer there were REAL girls from the street in their own nice clothing getting messy. Don't get me wrong, this is not the most important thing I need in every photoset, but it's something special. If a girl looks cute & casual and real to me it's ok wether she is your "model" or a girl from the street.

            Guest (Wednesday, August 7, 2013)

            • Thank you for the reply on the topic.
              A scene like you suggest would be very nice to have BUT almost impossible to do with girls from the street.
              This is the main reason I stopped the production of wamhunter.com, cos it was VERY hard to find girls. And on that project we only needed solo girls.

              webmaster (Wednesday, August 7, 2013)

  • Did she take her shoes off?

    Guest (Friday, July 12, 2013)

    • Yes, she did.

      webmaster (Friday, July 12, 2013)

  • Kinga is beautiful. Too bad you did not put a photo in the photo with leggings still clean and not muddy. If you could have updated this photo would be the most beautiful of Kinga. But congratulations

    Italian Kiss (Friday, November 14, 2014)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Good point Italian Kiss :)

      webmaster (Friday, November 14, 2014)

  • could you post a picture of her muddy feet while she still wearig flats???

    ed (Wednesday, July 8, 2015)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      I have only this for you Ed.

      webmaster (Thursday, July 9, 2015)

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