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We were initially following 2 girls, one blonde, one brunette, when along came this girl wearing black heels, a black vest with a white T-Shirt underneath, and a pair of standard blue jeans heading in our direction. We knew we just had to stop this 20 year-old and see if she wanted to get messy for us. We soon found out that her name was Raluca and she was an economics major and was heading home for a bit. After a few initial comments and pickup lines, we went straight to business and asked her if she wanted to get trashed in slime. We made our offer, and she was a rather easy sell - sure, she was a little taken aback initially, but she quickly warmed up to the idea of being on our little reality show. Of course, there were some conditions attached in addition to a replacement outfit. What were they? We can't spoil everything for you - there are some things best left shown and not told. ;)
3 minutes wash off session in the end of the clip.


  • Amazing girl, she is unique with her looks and the way she moves.

    richy (Wednesday, January 25, 2012)

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