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To tell you the truth, it was not Orsi who we originally spotted that day, it was her friend Kinga-Adrienn, the one who was alone and she was looking like she would love to mess her outfit (she was looking like that only to me of course). The pool party fans know Kinga from the pool party events (this clip was shot last summer). Anyway, just when I begin my persuasion, Orsi showed up too and I knew I would have to do everything I can to get them both messy. Unfortunately for both, that day was less sunny then usual and the mud was a little cold, but despite that, they both did a very nice job messing their jeans and sandals in the thick mud for us. In this update Orsi is wearing a pair of jeans a black top, and sandals without nylons.


  • no picture of her sandals?

    ed (Saturday, October 11, 2014)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Well, they was visible in the beginning... not so much after that :)

      webmaster (Monday, October 13, 2014)

  • So she didn't took sandals off? That's really sexy!! :)
    Well also if she did... Looks sexy I bet she has cute feet and toes ... And muddy should look better thanks for the pic :)

    Ed (Monday, October 13, 2014)

    • :) You're welcome.

      webmaster (Monday, October 13, 2014)

  • And what about get sexy friend? Did she got muddy too, wearing those sexy peep toe heels?, there's any picture of her friend with her shoes or feet muddy?

    Ed (Friday, October 17, 2014)

    • Yes, Kinga got muddy too.


      webmaster (Saturday, October 18, 2014)

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