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I've met Claudia in a park and she was really a nice girl who did not make me beg to her for two minutes of her time... I found out quickly that her name is Claudia and she is 21 years old... and she told me that she works as a cashier to a bank. I tried to explained what I wanted from her as IF I would proposed her a business and of course I did not forget to mention how nice was she looking. I asked her carefully if she happens to have a half of hour free that afternoon and she did not said no BUT she did not say yes neither. So I begin to explain her who we are and why we stopped her... Basically there are two things that are loved by the girls (clothes and money) so if you manage to combine these two "items" together you might get a girl happy and she might even do things that are less ordinary...
Anyway... see for yourself how the things went... for the coat fans a good news, Claudia kept her coat in the first minutes under the shower.


  • Very nice shower video. She's a cutie and enjoying the water on her clothes. Do you have more videos with her? I would definitely buy some more. Thanks

    Brhamis Ty (Monday, October 17, 2011)

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