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To tell you the truth one of the reasons that I do most of the hunter shootings in the summer is that you can get pretty easy girls who will agree to get messy for fun. If the weather outside is hot and if she have nothing to do, getting the girl messy is not a hard at all. Gaby is 18 years old and I've met her in the nicest condition possible, it was hot outside and she had nothing to do with her time, she was just taking a walk when I saw her... SO I was able to convince this nice girl to mess her black leggings, heels and her blue shirt in the mud for us...
Enjoy the update.

NOTE: The clip have two versions one encoded at 4 MBPS [p1,p2 versions] and one encoded at 2 MBPS (for the slower internet connection and older PC's) [sv version].


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