EuroWAM Prime

Times are changing and we are trying to keep up with them as much as we can.
We know that sooner or later downloads will be like DVD's these days... extinct
SO we know that sooner or later we will have to offer streaming content to keep our customers happy.
Because - to keep you happy - is our goal, we came up with a new membership on the site, one that - we think - will please the download fans as well as the streaming fans.

So why should you join the EuroWAM Prime?

  • One recurring monthly fee of $10 (our goal was to have a VERY affordable service.
  • You see all the new videos BEFORE they are available in the download store.
  • Each month you will get at least 8 new videos.
  • Each month you will see the videos IN ADVANCE before everyone else.
  • You can play the video online on any device, anywhere with a decent 3G connection.
  • You can play the videos unlimited number of times during one month and then IF you want to keep it you can download it with 50% discount.
  • You support our team to be able to create more videos better videos for your viewing pleasure.

Looking forward to have you as Prime member!

Join the EuroWAM Prime Membership

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