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Another summer day, we spotted a nice quiet place in the town near a lake; we came back hoping that we would find at least one girl willing to come with us and have fun OR not while she got her clothes wet. Madalina was surprised at the beginning that she saw the crew and two old ladies behind, curious about which TV station I work on :), so she could not hide the emotions on her face when I said hi, and I invited her to have a chat. Soon Madalina realized that this was not about a TV report, and as soon as we started to talk in English, the old ladies loose interest and walked away. Madalina is 21 years old and studies communication and foreign languages at the university. I know a few words in Italian, so I could test her Italian skills, too (which were great, BTW)... Anyway, after this "prelude," we told her who we were and what we wanted from her. Of course, I was careful enough with the explanation in order not to scare her away... Check out how I convinced Madalina to play into the sea wearing her jeans, shoes, and shirt; all I can say is that my talking obviously had the effect we all wanted, and she had a great time in the sea with all her clothes on.


  • Quite place? she doesn't look that quiet, in contrary she does like what she is doing a lot, maybe before you met her she was doing this by herself in secret :) loved it btw!

    quiet (Wednesday, September 22, 2010)

  • Excellent job on this one. Thanks.

    Guiorn J2 (Monday, April 30, 2012)

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