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Ana is a receptionist at a hotel, the same hotel we was checked in, during a hunt... Sitting on a couch in front of her working place we talked about how nice is she looking and we should get her and her nice working outfit in the shower. Please note that before we tried that we was warned not to take pictures in the hotel, by the hotel manager. So I know that everything we do we should do very discretely. Anyway... I go to the reception and I start to talk with the girl and I discover that she is a very nice person and she told me all about her work and some things about her family. After enough time to get her to act friendly to me I asked her the BIG question. Will she step into the shower just the way she is dressed? Well of course she had a lot of problems with that. First of all the fact that she is during her working schedule and second the fact that the manager might see her coming with us and we will have problems with the manager. Anyway I don't say it was very easy to convince her to step under the shower and our luck was that a colleague of her agree to take her place at the reception desk for the time we need her and she had a change of clothes in her locker so she did not had to stay till the clothes will dry.
Check out the clip to see how we convinced Ana to soak her working clothes...


  • She is very nice, she looks great under the shower!I like to watch this video!

    bruno (Tuesday, February 28, 2012)

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