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She is once again in the mud pit, and she is just as gorgeous as ever. Dry and clean and also, maybe, especially when she covered herself with mud. Enjoy watching Tina! A wash-off session is included.


  • will there ever be any videos in this mud with socks? it’s been just about a year since your last video with muddy socks!

    dannyj1738 (Friday, April 19, 2024)

    • As I remember there will be.

      Lara (Friday, April 19, 2024)

  • Please may I ask if the shoes are her own? And did these nice shoes survive?

    Creekwade78 (Friday, May 17, 2024)

    • Yes, they are her own shoes and as I know they survived, but they didn't become that white again.

      Lara (Saturday, May 18, 2024)

      • I throw all dirty sneakers (after mud, etc) into the washing machine and wash them on the "mixed items" program, which takes 1 hour of washing. The shoes do not deteriorate when washed this way and are always perfectly white.

        slawomirro (Saturday, May 18, 2024)

        • Oh wow! Thank you for this information! I will definitely use it, and tell the girls too! :-)

          Lara (Sunday, May 19, 2024)

  • Out of curiosity, when will the next Wetlook Hunter be released ?

    FatespeakerWOF (Saturday, May 18, 2024)

    • Hi! Today is available! ;-)

      Lara (Sunday, May 19, 2024)

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