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We have another solo cut from party 47. Enjoy Samanta's wetlook dance.
The full party is here: https://wetlookparty.com/downloadstore.php?grid=49. And here (on wam.tv): https://wam.tv/programs/collection-x4ybjjvgps4?categoryId=92316&permalink=t1003c1


  • Will Babett be available for a mud video when the mud pit is up hope she is in sandals and barefoot thanks Lara :-)

    LC (Monday, July 10, 2023)

    • Can’t wait when the mud pit is up for the summer, would love to see Babett in the mud without pantyhose, barefoot and in sandals would definitely have to buy this scene. See if you can ask her to do one when the mud pit is up, I hope it it is very thick mud, please reply to me Lara if she can do the scene. Thank you :-)

      LC (Monday, July 10, 2023)

      • Yes I agree LC that would be a very good update idea, would definitely have to get that if it came out.

        Guest (Monday, July 10, 2023)

      • Sadly she's not available anymore. She's very busy, and travels a lot.

        Lara (Monday, July 10, 2023)

        • That’s unfortunate but understandable do you think you could do the scene with someone else do you have any suggestions, because I have looked at your custom-videos site and I was wondering is that all the girls that you have or are there more?

          Guest (Monday, July 10, 2023)

          • Jucy looks like a good model for that scene or do you have anyone else that could do that scene who is super hot and is not on the custom site, do you think you could reply with their names please, thanks Lara :)

            LC (Monday, July 10, 2023)

            • I don't know yet. Maybe Gina can do schenes like that...

              Lara (Wednesday, July 12, 2023)

              • I don’t know about Gina would definitely like to see Juci or Detti or any other really hot models you can find in the thick mud with sandals and barefoot, I think that would make very good videos ;)

                LC (Wednesday, July 12, 2023)

  • would love to see a muddy scene with crew socks, maybe even shorts too :) you guys should try to make the mud thick enough to pull the girls shoes off, would be amazing to see on this site

    dannyj1738 (Tuesday, July 11, 2023)

    • Definitely with sandals and barefoot :)

      LC (Tuesday, July 11, 2023)

    • We plan to do that ;-)

      Lara (Wednesday, July 12, 2023)

      • That great to hear can’t wait for the mud pit to be up and running for summer you should try and find some really hot models and have them in the thick mud with barefoot and sandals possibly bikini because it is summer ;) some great video ideas with this mud pit would definitely love to see some really hot models you could possibly hire for the day in bikini and sandals that would be great would definitely have to buy that scene ;)

        LC (Wednesday, July 12, 2023)

        • I 100% agree we should definitely see more barefoot and sandals that is a good combination especially in the thick mud. Should definitely hire some more hotter models like really hot girls, as pretty as you can find the girls and that would make some great videos for the summer would definitely purchase a video if it was a really hot girl in the thick mud with sandals and barefoot, I think you post to much pantyhose, great video ideas once again :-)

          Fillip (Wednesday, July 12, 2023)

  • can i see her wet hair?

    Guest (Tuesday, July 11, 2023)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Here's one.

      Lara (Wednesday, July 12, 2023)

  • Also will the first mud pit video be filmed this month or next month thanks Lara :)

    LC (Wednesday, July 12, 2023)

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