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We started this mud game session simple... The girls had to throw a rock into the bucket and whenever a girl missed the bucket the other girl got to mess her. So Edina and Jessica took their roles seriously and till the end of the session we had them messed from herad to toe. Wash-off session included.


  • GREAT!! 😍

    John (Thursday, November 18, 2021)

  • Pictures from the ballet flats and the socks, or nylon socks?

    Guest (Friday, November 19, 2021)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      One for the ballet flats fans.

      webmaster (Friday, November 19, 2021)

      • Absolutely amazing! Look at the mud all over that smart black sock!

        Guest (Wednesday, November 24, 2021)

  • The ballerinas, worn with black socks, in the mud is SENSATIONAL! What a fantastic session! Did she lose the shoes in the mud?

    Guest (Saturday, November 20, 2021)

    • Hi,
      she didn't lose them. BUT she sure had a hard time walking in them in the mud.

      webmaster (Saturday, November 20, 2021)

      • I really can't imagine how hard it must have been trying to keep the ballerinas on in the thick mud. The fact that she wore black socks in the mud makes this my favourite scene ever I think!

        Guest (Wednesday, November 24, 2021)

        • 👍

          webmaster (Wednesday, November 24, 2021)

  • can we see them after wash off?

    Zay (Saturday, November 20, 2021)

    • Sorry Zay, I have no proper picture but I have just posted a one minute cut from the wash off on TOPWAM Discord server (wam channel)

      Invitation to the server:

      webmaster (Saturday, November 20, 2021)

  • Did the boots come off and did she have socks on?

    Guest (Sunday, November 21, 2021)

    • No, the boots didn't came off.

      webmaster (Sunday, November 21, 2021)

  • Did the clothes survive?

    Tony (Wednesday, November 24, 2021)

    • Hi! The jeans and the shoes survived, but the yellow blouse didn't.

      Lara (Wednesday, November 24, 2021)

  • This is as close to wrestling as you need to go. Anything more, like Most Wam, is frankly degrading for the girls.
    Other than that, this set is a tribute to your site. A real nice job. It would be great to see Lara in here one day, don't you think?

    alanodale (Sunday, December 5, 2021)

    • I fully agree... And probably we will make one next summer ;)

      webmaster (Monday, December 6, 2021)

  • Don't forget to choose the videos which will be set as free for christmas this year for the whole community. Details here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Dlr9UXQmIU

    Lara (Wednesday, December 8, 2021)

  • so good video

    lovelu (Sunday, March 20, 2022)

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