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Vanessa was on her way to the store to buy something nice for dinner. Fortunately for us Vanessa's dinner time is pretty flexible and Lara could persuade her to fast longer and just before dinner visit a shower cabin to see if those clothes are waterproof.
And this is how we ended up with a new beauty on the site.

The video is now available for stream fans on wam.tv


  • Any back view of her wet hair?

    Guest (Saturday, June 19, 2021)

    • Already posted one in the free pictures.

      webmaster (Saturday, June 19, 2021)

  • your production are very vey best , wetlook hunter omg.

    She wear nylon, nylon feet?

    BENECO (Sunday, June 20, 2021)

  • Oy my god, these shoes! They are so extremely sexy! Any close-up of her feet and/or shoes? :)

    Steve (Monday, July 26, 2021)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Hi Steve, here is a close-up for the heels fans.

      webmaster (Tuesday, July 27, 2021)

      • Beautiful! Thank you so much :)

        Steve (Monday, August 2, 2021)

        • 👍

          webmaster (Friday, August 6, 2021)

  • I am wondering if she took of these shoes? :)

    Guest (Thursday, December 16, 2021)

    • Yes, she did.

      webmaster (Monday, December 20, 2021)

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