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For this session Ginger is wearing a sexy cat suit along her own boots.


  • Please tell me she will be back ? I know this is a Set from the past but i would love to see something new from her ? what is she doing right now, what is her instagram ? :)

    Guest (Monday, December 28, 2020)

  • Would love for her to do more shoots

    Guest (Monday, December 28, 2020)

  • This is fantastic!
    I hope to see Lara get soaked in a catsuit such as this with some stiletto heels

    Skarlet (Thursday, December 31, 2020)

    • When I find the right for myself I will get soaked in it for sure :-)

      Lara (Monday, January 4, 2021)

      • That will go down as one of the best updates in history!

        Skarlet (Monday, January 4, 2021)

  • Hope there will be a maya one like this

    Guest (Thursday, December 31, 2020)

  • Not directly related to this video, but... Is it me, or some of the trailers released on your YouTube channel refer to scenes not yet released here?

    TheDD (Friday, January 1, 2021)

  • I Love Ginger so much and the Catsuit Looks very good in her
    Love her dark hair and her smile.
    Thanks a lot Ginger and eurowam for this Wetlook shoot

    sammy (Monday, January 4, 2021)

    • Thank you for your very nice feedback Sammy.

      webmaster (Monday, January 4, 2021)

  • I thought no one could be perfect, but Ginger is.

    Do you have more unreleashed sets from Ginger?

    Zilution (Saturday, February 6, 2021)

    • There will be one or two - I work on to be remastered in 4k

      webmaster (Saturday, February 6, 2021)

  • Very nice!! Tell her we miss her ;)

    Zilution (Sunday, February 7, 2021)

    • Thank you Zilution (and for being a log time customer)

      webmaster (Monday, February 8, 2021)

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