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25 minutes
130 (1600x1200 size) high quality


Another premiere in the wetlook hunter project. This is the first time when Lara, out wetlook huntress got wet and we of course look forward to see the fans reactions on this one.
The "hunted" lady is Vivian and she is a sexy mom, who had a little time to spare, enough time and enough curiosity to find out how is to be a wetlook model tough she never considered a model career. See the rest of the story yourself and enjoy watching Lara and Vivian in the jacuzzi.
Of course 1080p and 720p version are available along with the 4K video for this session as well as for all other sessions marked with 4K.


  • Please,more Lara with other models,its very good!

    Kenny (Monday, July 8, 2019)

    • ^This!!!

      Guest (Monday, July 8, 2019)

    • Lara likes to get wet so I will talk with her about this.

      webmaster (Tuesday, July 9, 2019)

    • I will do more Kenny :-)

      Lara (Monday, July 22, 2019)

  • Mrs. Wetlook hunter wet together with a hunted person, I made big eyes and wanted to see the movie as soon as possible.

    BENECO (Monday, July 8, 2019)

    • 👍

      webmaster (Tuesday, July 9, 2019)

    • Thank you Beneco! :-)

      Lara (Monday, July 22, 2019)

  • very nice!
    Did they take off the shoes?

    Gerard (Tuesday, July 9, 2019)

    • Yes, nearly half of the Video is without shoes

      bootsmann (Tuesday, July 9, 2019)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Yes, they did.

      webmaster (Tuesday, July 9, 2019)

  • One of the best wetlook-hunter-videos ever! Absolutely stunning to see Lara together with another model. Can't wait to see more of Lara and the "new" girl!
    I also like the bit older model then all the others are. Please look out for more mums.

    bootsmann (Tuesday, July 9, 2019)

    • Thank you very much for the feedback. I will pass the comments to Lara.

      webmaster (Tuesday, July 9, 2019)

    • Thank you bootsman! :-)

      Lara (Monday, July 22, 2019)

  • Fantastic! She looks like as lot of fun, now we just need to see her boots and pink top and hand bag (update T987c9) messy. Those boots need to be trashed at a minimum.

    Tara (Tuesday, July 9, 2019)

    • 🙂 I will pass the comment Tara.

      webmaster (Wednesday, July 10, 2019)

      • Excellent!
        I'd love to know what she thinks of the idea

        Tara (Wednesday, July 10, 2019)

  • I hope to see more huntress wet clip in the future. And I hope to see you to get wet with your hunter girl.May the force be with you

    asksaga (Tuesday, July 9, 2019)

  • Very hot watching the Huntress getting wet with the hunted. I would love to see more. Don't know if Lara is into women, but would also love to see something like that if possible.

    RD G (Tuesday, July 9, 2019)

    • I am sure she is into males. So most probably we will not see any kissing scenes with her.

      webmaster (Monday, July 15, 2019)

  • Lara can make a sexy wetlook with a girl in the future?

    Guest (Wednesday, July 10, 2019)

    • I don't usually say "never" but there is not much chance as I know Lara.

      webmaster (Monday, July 15, 2019)

  • Great Video, I would love to see the Huntress, with the Hunted wet more often. Maybe with a leather jacket.

    Aninymus (Wednesday, July 10, 2019)

    • Should be protocol the huntress goes in with the hunter. Handbags too!!!

      Guest (Wednesday, July 10, 2019)

    • Thank you for the comment :)

      webmaster (Monday, July 15, 2019)

    • I have leather jacket :-)

      Lara (Monday, July 22, 2019)

      • Please wear it when you go hunting next time and join the bath ;-)

        Mike (Thursday, August 1, 2019)

  • Hi everyone 🙂 Thank you for the comments, I’m glad that you like the video 😉. I see you would like to see some extras, please let me know.

    Lara (Friday, July 12, 2019)

    • Maybe you can try to give up a braless or topless with the hunter girl in the future.

      Guest (Friday, July 12, 2019)

      • Braless can be happen, but not topless :-)

        Lara (Monday, July 22, 2019)

    • Lara!🤩🤩🤩
      You do an incredible job. My favourite outfit of your is in update T987c9. Would love to see you ruin the whole outfit in a messy session. What size shoe are you? I'd love to send you some shoes.
      P.S remember handbags with everything still in them love to swim aswell 😉

      Tara (Friday, July 12, 2019)

      • Is Lara still responding?

        Tara (Saturday, July 20, 2019)

        • Hi Tara! Thank you for your offer, I am thinking about to get wet with that outfit you like so much, but i don't want to ruin my boots and my pink top :-) I like them! I think I'm not going to do messy sessions, but I like to be wet :-)

          Lara (Monday, July 22, 2019)

          • Thats ashame, that's the 2 things I most want to see ruined.
            What brand are your boots?
            What size shoe do you take? How do I send some to you?

            Tara (Wednesday, July 24, 2019)

    • Hi Lara, thanks for this good job. Because you asked for suggestions: If you and your trainee (or you alone) are playing in a pool, it would be great to see you submerging yourself a few times. I do not know your swimming/diving abilities and i am not talking about an uw-production, but maybe you could do some diving (swimming under the water, try a handstand or so) in the pool. Not to bother you, you do a great job, just a suggestion...

      Guest (Wednesday, August 21, 2019)

      • Hi! Thank you for your suggestion. I'm not so good in diving, but I guess I could try ;-)

        Lara (Thursday, August 22, 2019)

        • Hey! Thanks for the good news. I would love to see your diving in future videos - maybe you'll even improve it ;-)

          Guest (Thursday, August 22, 2019)

  • One front imgage of the Huntress in her wet red sweater please

    Guest (Monday, July 15, 2019)

  • Extra Picture #1
    Extra Picture #1

    One extra picture for the fans.

    webmaster (Tuesday, July 16, 2019)

  • Would Lara go into the dunk tank?

    Guest (Wednesday, July 17, 2019)

    • Most certainly not, we will stop the dunk tank productions.

      webmaster (Thursday, July 18, 2019)

      • Lara, thank you for participating in whatever way you are comfortable with!

        Webmaster, are you going to stop ALL dunk tank updates??? :O

        Mick (Saturday, August 3, 2019)

        • Hello Mick, yes, sadly I will.

          webmaster (Saturday, August 3, 2019)

  • Pool pool hunter, more wet amateur :):)

    Baneco (Saturday, July 20, 2019)

  • hello, so frankly it's great, thank you very much to Lara, I hope to see you again soon, hope you keep your handbag too.

    Guest (Tuesday, July 23, 2019)

  • Any good pictures of socks?

    Guest (Wednesday, August 7, 2019)

  • Beautiful huntress, beautiful prey!

    Guest (Monday, September 23, 2019)

  • Lara - Yours coat survived? You often use it? You often ruined heels in water? Wonderfoul session!!!! Amazing!

    Rit (Wednesday, August 25, 2021)

    • Hi Rit! Yes, my coat survived, and I use it often in spring and outumn. My heels usually survive :-)

      Lara (Sunday, August 29, 2021)

      • Pic of Lara face and front of top soaked

        Guest (Friday, December 10, 2021)

  • Lara face soaked?

    Guest (Monday, March 21, 2022)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Here is one. :-)

      Lara (Wednesday, March 23, 2022)

      • Thanks Lara also left a comment on T750C1

        Guest (Wednesday, March 23, 2022)

  • I have this video an Lara an the other lady are beautiful in this video

    Guest (Monday, November 14, 2022)

    • Thank you! ;-)

      Lara (Monday, November 14, 2022)

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