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We asked Patricia to bring for this session only white clothes. And of course as her closet is pretty big she managed to find an appropriate outfit for us all. She is not wearing nylon socks with the flats she wears white socks instead but the shoes didn't came off during the clip. Oh, and Patricia forgot the bra at home so we had no other choice but to have her braless under the white shirt ;)


  • She's walking on the edge for getting totally muddy - why just do it for once, please!

    DZ (Saturday, March 9, 2019)

    • Thank you for the feedback DZ.

      webmaster (Saturday, March 9, 2019)

  • Oh yes exactly this in mud please

    Guest (Saturday, March 9, 2019)

    • Agree

      Tara (Thursday, March 14, 2019)

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