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Izabella had a really stressful week and we knew just the perfect place to get back her inner balance :)
So we invited her into the mud pit. Enjoy this Izabella's very first mud session!
The pretty Hungarian girl didn't took off the top during the clip BUT it fell low enough in order to see her superb breasts and add the topless keyword to the session.
Wash off included of course ;)


  • This video is really good. Are there going to be any more videos of Izabella getting muddy or wet?

    Guest (Saturday, September 8, 2018)

    • We sure hope so ;) We have two more sessions with her in the mud already.

      webmaster (Tuesday, September 11, 2018)

  • Did her clothes and heels survive?

    Guesttara (Sunday, September 9, 2018)

    • Heels was OK, top was ruined. The denim usually survives BUT don't know for sure in this case.

      webmaster (Tuesday, September 11, 2018)

  • :):)

    BENECO (Sunday, September 9, 2018)

  • I usually don'y bother with mud scenes but this model made me look twice... Great find! Is there a wash-off? Any plans on a wetlook scene (same outfit would be nice)?

    Guest (Sunday, September 9, 2018)

    • There is a wash off session included... Thank you for the suggestion, we will see if the shirt survived.

      webmaster (Tuesday, September 11, 2018)

  • Extra pic from the wash off

    Guest (Saturday, September 15, 2018)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Here it is.

      webmaster (Monday, September 17, 2018)

  • Are there or has there ever been any clothes or shoes lost in the mud pit

    Tara (Monday, September 17, 2018)

    • Plenty of shoes. The clothes are usually not lost.

      webmaster (Wednesday, September 19, 2018)

      • Oh wow! So there are still shoes in the mud pit?

        Do you say that in the story line with each update.

        I'd love to see an update in which this has happened. Do you know of any?

        Tara (Wednesday, September 19, 2018)

        • Sadly I don't remember a particular session to point at.

          webmaster (Saturday, September 22, 2018)

  • Are there any muddy butt pics?

    Guest (Thursday, October 25, 2018)

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