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Ella wears a white leather jacket and Edina a black one. Both of them wear brand new heels and they show us how to end properly, in lesbian style, a shopping spree.


  • OMG those blue high heels need to be in the mud pit! Fully gunged!! I know they won't but they should!

    Guest (Wednesday, August 16, 2017)

  • Very nice update whit girls duo and a pool. Interesting clothing and shoes. Capri pant give whit these blue ankle boots very nice long legs.And, leather jacket and jeans are always winner duo in wetlook action, great!. Love they goes outside the pool in wet clothing to make some walk whit wet shoes, love very much this action. I love very much, also,to see girls walking whit drenched shoes, very intéresting and exciting moment.
    Ella and Edina make great and super duo making this sensual episode of wetlook...

    Lara (Saturday, August 19, 2017)

    • Thank you for your nice feedback Lara. I am happy you liked the session.

      webmaster (Monday, August 21, 2017)

  • Would the do it the same wearing ankle length leather coats? Thx

    TheShowman (Saturday, August 19, 2017)

    • Don't know that. I will as them as soon as I will have them back in the studio.

      webmaster (Monday, August 21, 2017)

      • Thanks a lot! I will be very curious! Will you send some feedback about the result or I have to check the download store from days to days? Thx! :)

        TheShowman (Tuesday, August 29, 2017)

        • I will make the update on the blog.

          webmaster (Wednesday, August 30, 2017)

  • Underwater!! Underwater!!

    MannenPjordeN (Saturday, September 2, 2017)

  • Have these girls done any other updates since?

    Those blue heels could surely see some mud now

    Tara (Tuesday, August 21, 2018)

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