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10 minutes
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Judith already soaked many of her clothes in our studio for your viewing pleasure BUT we are determined to get her wet in ALL so we called her for another POV session and this time she put on a very sexy black outfit.
Hope you guys like it ;)


  • I have two questions...will there be any more Dunk tank videos featuring Judith? I ask..because I would like to see her in the outdoor version of the dunk tank..because of the glass tank and also would like to see her pose underwater once she is dunked.

    Also, will there be any more videos featuring Judith in the pool and totally submerging herself from underwater?

    Jimbo (Saturday, January 7, 2017)

    • Hello Jimbo,
      the answer to the first question is no.
      As for the second question I don't have an answer as Judith is still our model, we still work with her so we can do a scene like this sometimes in the future BUT currently we don't have a scene like you ask.

      webmaster (Monday, January 9, 2017)

  • Hi! Judith is simply stunting in this vid.. Always nice to see this sensual girl Wow! Interesting vid...

    Lara (Monday, January 9, 2017)

    • Thank you for the feedback Lara. I am sorry for the late reply O was busy dealing with the MF spammers.
      It looks like we are ok for now thanks to our tech support.

      webmaster (Wednesday, January 11, 2017)

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