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It was Star's idea to have a session as if she would just leave the office.

So she put on a shirt and some nice black pants along with some very high-heeled shoes, and after a walk in the city, she trashed her clothes into the mud pit.

The wash-off session is included.


  • Is this her first shoot?

    Steve (Wednesday, March 2, 2016)

    • Hello Steve,
      no it is not, we have more with her and he is one of them


      webmaster (Thursday, March 3, 2016)

  • Was it her own everyday clothes? I take it that the white shirt was ruined forever...

    Guest (Wednesday, March 2, 2016)

    • Yes, these are Star's clothes and yes the shirt was ruined forever.

      webmaster (Thursday, March 3, 2016)

  • Does she keep those shoes on in mudpit?

    Guest (Thursday, March 3, 2016)

    • She took them off at about half of the session.

      webmaster (Friday, March 4, 2016)

  • Top update, but next time only with nylon socks, not pantyhose.

    Guest (Thursday, March 3, 2016)

    • Interesting comment... thank you.
      I thought that nylon fans prefer more pantyhose under the pants than nylon socks.

      webmaster (Friday, March 4, 2016)

      • I prefer pantyhose, for me it´s much better as nylon socks

        Steve (Monday, March 7, 2016)

        • Agree. Do not consider myself as a nylon fan, but pantyhose gets sexy when wet or washed off.That's what your pictures show!

          Johnny (Wednesday, March 23, 2016)

  • Is there going to be any more videos of Star either wet or messy?

    jarivc (Friday, March 4, 2016)

    • Sadly this is the last one with her.

      webmaster (Saturday, March 5, 2016)

      • Now that is a great loss for us mudlook lovers. Her mudlook sets were wonderful. The one wetlook set she did was pretty darn good, too!

        Guest (Monday, March 7, 2016)

  • Extra Picture #1
    Extra Picture #1

    One for the back fans

    webmaster (Saturday, March 12, 2016)

  • Wow, in description seys "sexy very high heeled shoes" it her own everyday clothes?
    Please 1 photo close-up her shoes :-)

    Alexheels (Sunday, March 20, 2016)

    • Hello Alex,
      sadly I don't have close up pictures on her heels.

      webmaster (Monday, March 21, 2016)

  • Have you been able to contact Star recently to see if she had time and would still want to do any wet or messy videos. I think last time you tried to contact her, she was training as a doctor.

    Guest (Tuesday, June 14, 2016)

    • Could not contact her ever since... She don't want to model anymore as she is a "public figure" now.

      webmaster (Wednesday, June 15, 2016)

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