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Adria and Kata shower together after they wet their jeans in the kitchen sink.
Please note that the part of the video footage taken in the kitchen is lost so for that part we only have pictures.
There is a full video containing the kitchen part (check out the blog comments below) BUT is lower resolution.
So if you are interested into the first part of the video right click on the links, below, in the BLOG comments for this video and save the footage from Dropbox.


  • The links for the first part of the video are below (right click and save as)

    Lower rez video that includes 3 minutes intro

    Lower rez video that includes the other 3 minutes intro

    webmaster (Monday, February 1, 2016)

    • The links aren't working, any chance you could re-upload them?

      Guest (Saturday, September 23, 2017)

      • Thank you for letting me know. I have upload the intro video on vimeo now https://vimeo.com/235305330/769d96024a

        webmaster (Monday, September 25, 2017)

        • Seems to be gone now. Any chance to see that clip?

          havnmister (Monday, October 8, 2018)

          • I will try to find it again on my archives and re-upload BUT I cannot promise a timeframe for the upload.

            webmaster (Tuesday, October 9, 2018)

            • Thanks. Much appreciated. Keep up the good work

              Havnmister (Wednesday, October 10, 2018)

              • Hello,
                it is here:


                webmaster (Friday, October 12, 2018)

  • Fantastic, nice to see Adria, love that Model

    Guest (Monday, February 1, 2016)

  • Really good video.

    slambert2000 (Monday, February 1, 2016)

    • Great! I am happy you like it ;)

      webmaster (Tuesday, February 2, 2016)

  • I really love the jeans that Kata wears. Do you think you could talk her into ruining them in the mud or in a messy session?

    AQ (Thursday, February 4, 2016)

    • I cannot promise you that... Kata is not into mud at all... BUT I will see what I can do.

      webmaster (Friday, February 5, 2016)

      • Lovely, cheers for that! Please keep us informed... And if she isn't into mud: Chocolate sauce would certainly do the job as well ;-)

        AQ (Friday, February 5, 2016)

        • Chocolate or custard

          Guest (Friday, February 5, 2016)

        • :)


          webmaster (Saturday, February 6, 2016)

  • Do they walk in water gilled boots? Can we hear something?

    Guest (Friday, February 5, 2016)

    • Yes, they are... and there is sound...
      BUT the shower sound cover the sound of the water in the boots... Check out the free part of the video (see the links in the first post) as I think there is a better sound for what you want... and it cost you nothing to check it out ;)

      webmaster (Friday, February 5, 2016)

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