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Reka is one of the girls who cannot stay dry for long, so every time she was around the studio, she saw it as an opportunity to get into the pool.
This time was no different, she called us that she has a new white dress, she bought a pair of white stockings and these would look nice in the water.
Of course we didn't say no... and here she is... all dressed up, in the pool for us all.


  • Very beautiful girl! Please can we see one more extra pic of her on the pool? thanks!

    Mariano (Friday, August 7, 2015)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      One more for Reka's fans.

      webmaster (Saturday, August 8, 2015)

  • She wears a very sexy hipster

    Guest (Saturday, August 8, 2015)

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