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Elise has a new fantasy story for us.
She arrived home one night after work. It was a cold winter night and she hoped that she will warm up with a cup of tea (which her roommate prepared to her and left it on the table)
Of course the tea was not even warm anymore so all Elise could do was to take a dip into the warm pool, still wearing all her clothes of course.


  • Can you show the socks please?

    Hans (Sunday, May 10, 2015)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Hello Hans,
      I do have a picture for the wet socks fans.

      webmaster (Monday, May 11, 2015)

  • I wish to see a dry one of her. Maybe outdoor or just before she gets wet.
    She wears very nice boots

    Guest (Sunday, May 10, 2015)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Here is a dry picture for you.

      webmaster (Monday, May 11, 2015)

      • Thank you. I will wait for the next update with her. In another comment I read that all Shootings are done. How much updates we will see with her in future?

        She is very wonderful woman. Maybe you can add one photo more of her. I think a Picture of her in a half wet winter coat.

        Guest (Tuesday, May 12, 2015)

        • I don't know how many sessions we have with her in the "pending" area.

          webmaster (Wednesday, May 13, 2015)

  • Good video, I love to see that kind of boots wet, and also I came here to tell you the little story about my chocolate surprise for Irina, she has gone to a party with her family and when she got out we both gone to my home to watch some movies, but I had another idea, 20L of chocolate sauce... She was wearing peeptoe flats and a purple dress (because the party was in a garden outside)... We started pouring in ourselves some chocolate, I gotta tell you her hair was looking so sexy curly and covered with chocolate, and of course I lick off some chocolate from her (I won't give you details) but the best part was licking chocolate from her feet, and (here's an advice for any of you who had a couple) I took some chocolate, and I poured it over her lips, just a little bit, and with cholate on her lips I kissed her, any way it was awesome, really awesome... And now I'm excited because she told me that now she will choose the next way to get messy... I would like to do it but she wants to try something... (She didn't tell me what) and we still looking forward for our mud anniversary we got all ready, the mudhole, hotel nearby, clothes, etc

    Ed (Sunday, May 10, 2015)

      I am sure many of the readers will try the chocolate experience with their girls.
      I know that I will :)

      webmaster (Monday, May 11, 2015)

  • the color of the socks ?

    Guest (Sunday, May 10, 2015)

    • She wears white socks.

      webmaster (Monday, May 11, 2015)

  • Is there a pic with the boots dry? Please

    Guest (Sunday, May 10, 2015)

    • Posted one as reply to another post.

      webmaster (Monday, May 11, 2015)

  • your winter sets are just amazing!

    Guest (Sunday, May 10, 2015)

    • :) Thank you. Always happy to see a comment like this.

      webmaster (Monday, May 11, 2015)

  • I love the outfit, and I agree with the comment about your winter sets!
    Does she also swim?

    JediCrusher (Monday, May 11, 2015)

    • No, she only poses. No swimming.

      webmaster (Monday, May 11, 2015)

  • Really great set. Love those hoodd fur coats.
    Does she wear the wet hood?

    dutchwammer (Monday, May 11, 2015)

    • No, she didn't. Sadly she didn't.

      webmaster (Tuesday, May 12, 2015)

  • Are they authentic Uggs or Ugg look-a-likes? VERY great to see more Uggs!!!

    SwimInClothes (Monday, May 11, 2015)

    • :)
      I really don't know... Maybe someone who saw the clip and know the difference between the fake and the original, can tell us.
      BUT as far as I know her, she is wearing the original.

      webmaster (Tuesday, May 12, 2015)

  • Sexy girl, sexy update!

    Guest (Tuesday, May 12, 2015)

  • Wow, can we have an ass pic please?

    Jonas (Wednesday, May 13, 2015)

    • No decent back shots among the pictures. The video has some nice ones tough.

      webmaster (Wednesday, May 13, 2015)

  • Is she braless ???

    Flavio (Tuesday, May 19, 2015)

    • Yes ;)

      webmaster (Thursday, May 21, 2015)

  • Can we see a picture of the wet boots??? :-)

    Guest (Monday, January 11, 2016)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      One wet boot for the fans :)

      webmaster (Monday, January 11, 2016)

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