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Irma have fun in the pool. Or we would better say in and out of the pool as she was dunked plenty of times in this session.


  • I think the next dunk tank or wetlook set should be in a gown

    Night (Monday, January 5, 2015)

    • I just checked and we don't have any gown dunks in the future. BUT I will upload a skirt one for the fans.

      webmaster (Tuesday, January 6, 2015)

      • I hope sometime we will see a new gown wetlook update

        Night (Tuesday, January 6, 2015)

        • It will be, but not a pool dunk or dunk tank update.

          webmaster (Wednesday, January 7, 2015)

          • I enjoy almost all the dunk tank videos! But here is another vote for a long formal gown the next time you get ready to make more videos. :)

            Wetbert (Wednesday, January 7, 2015)

            • :)

              Thank you for the vote :)

              webmaster (Wednesday, January 7, 2015)

              • I support the idea!! Wetbert, you got another vote!

                Ed (Thursday, January 8, 2015)

  • how long does she keep the shoes on?

    Guest (Sunday, January 18, 2015)

    • She takes the shoes off at minute 7. The clip is 10.55 in total.

      webmaster (Monday, January 19, 2015)

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