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  • A shame you do not seem to be doing these any more. I have been hoping you would do one with a girl in a long formal gown (or even a wedding gown)! The way the dress moves underwater is truly amazing.

    WetBert (Sunday, March 29, 2015)

    • I agree. To me, you guys are becoming disappointing when it comes to your videos. There are barely anymore underwater videos or even dunk tanks video posted constantly anymore. I really do hope that you guys continue to do and post up underwater videos and dunk tank videos on a normal basis.

      P.S--hope to see some Orsi X wetlook videos very soon

      Jimbo (Sunday, March 29, 2015)

      • Thank you for the feedback guys. Sorry that is like this.

        webmaster (Monday, March 30, 2015)

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