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Mirela is 24 years old and she was on her way home when we met, during a sunny winter afternoon.
She took my proposal as a challenge and I am happy she took it like that because other wise I would have ZERO chances to get her wet because she is for sure one strong character and a rare find for us. She was not interested as much by the idea to be a model or get surrounded by cameras, she was more interested to play in the jacuzzi because she said that "THIS will look great among my crazy memories" and I am sure you think the same as me, every time a girl come with me and do it for the fun of it, for me, that's a special girl... A girl who considered wetlook interesting enough to accept to get into a hotel room, and get your clothes wet while 2-3 guys holding cameras stare at you.
So yes, girls like Mirela are my favorites, and I am sure you think the same ;)

Enjoy watching this special lady having a great fun in the jacuzzi for us.


  • did she take off the black jacket ?

    alex (Wednesday, May 21, 2014)

    • No she didn't take off her cardigan.

      webmaster (Thursday, May 22, 2014)

  • Can we see her wet leggings ass ? please

    Guest (Thursday, December 11, 2014)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Ass picture is a rarity for the Wetlook Hunter sessions BUT I do have one for you this time.

      webmaster (Thursday, December 11, 2014)

  • Is there a picture of her standing up in the wet winter jacket?

    Jeff (Friday, April 24, 2015)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Extra picture for the wet winter jackets fans

      webmaster (Friday, April 24, 2015)

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