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Reka has a new fantasy story for us. It was a winter day and Reka was just walking on her way from work. It was a winter day and the snow was looking so tempting so she started to put some on her leggings and then more until she got her leggings a little wet. Then she continued her walk she got home and she filled a kiddy pool with water and she walked straight into it, soaking herself properly. During the clip the white coat will be removed as well as her boots.


  • Do we see her socks for long? Also what kind of socks are they?

    Dipyoursocksin (Monday, January 21, 2013)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      She took her socks off for the final 4 minutes of the video. There are ankle socks... I have attached a picture.

      webmaster (Tuesday, January 22, 2013)

  • That´s wrong...she doesn´t took her socks off !!!!!!!!!!!

    She took her Boots off...but her socks are still on..!!!!!

    Guest (Tuesday, January 22, 2013)

    • Yes I am sorry it was a misstype I meant to say she took of her boots.

      webmaster (Tuesday, January 22, 2013)

  • Fan of the wet leather leggings, keep them coming!

    Guest (Wednesday, January 23, 2013)

    • Please note that the leggings are not leather... Just looking like it.

      webmaster (Thursday, January 24, 2013)

  • Beautiful Girl

    Fast (Wednesday, June 18, 2014)

    • :) Thanks for the compliment... I will pass it to Reka.

      webmaster (Thursday, June 19, 2014)

  • We can see her wet ass in leggings please?

    Mary (Monday, July 21, 2014)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Probably the only female out there who prefer wet asses :))

      webmaster (Wednesday, July 23, 2014)

  • Reka is beautiful !!! In my opinion she and Maya have to do more together with wetlook leggings in the shower or in the mud. *-*

    Fast (Monday, August 25, 2014)

    • Very good opinion :)

      webmaster (Monday, August 25, 2014)

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