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Bianca likes the cameras... and we LOVE the girls who like to be surrounded with filming equipment... cos if we manage to get them into the water they will do everything they can to make the viewer fall in love with what he sees.
So I can say with the hand on my heart that the encounter with this beauty was love at first sight ;) And you will be convince about "the love" after you will watch the update with Bianca.
Of course most of the times these days LOVE cost money so I just had to give her quite an amount to get her pretty face and her casual clothing into the bath and under the shower.
So if you are into casual clothes, tight jeans, boots and and pretty girls in the bath, you will sure find this update interesting.


  • Wow, WetlookHunter updates just keep getting better. Again another super gorgeous girl. Hope to see more of her soon!

    Steve (Monday, August 20, 2012)

  • amazing

    Guest (Monday, August 20, 2012)

  • Extra Picture #2
    Extra Picture #2
    Extra Picture #1
    Extra Picture #1

    Thanks for the feedback on this one guys... Few extra pictures for the fans who did not bought the update yet. Bianca is looking at her clothes and she likes what she see.

    webmaster (Tuesday, August 21, 2012)

  • What kind of socks she wears ?
    Nylon socks ?

    Jack (Wednesday, August 22, 2012)

  • No. White socks. THIS VIDEO IS GREAT.

    Guest (Wednesday, August 22, 2012)

  • Hello,

    Could we see toes through the socks ?

    Guest (Wednesday, February 27, 2013)

    • I rather don't reply with a concrete answer to the question because it might be misleading for some customers if I say yes. The girl is wearing white socks and you can see her feet as much as can be seen through a wet white sock.

      webmaster (Wednesday, February 27, 2013)

  • are her toes painted?

    Guest (Thursday, March 14, 2013)

    • Cannot tell because her white socks are not seethru.

      webmaster (Friday, March 15, 2013)

  • can I see the white socks please??!!

    Guest Z1 (Thursday, May 15, 2014)

    • Extra Picture #2
      Extra Picture #2
      Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Not much focus in the pictures on the socks BUT the video features parts for the socks fans (I attach a picture and a screen capture from the video)

      webmaster (Thursday, May 15, 2014)

  • can you show photo of the wet boots?

    Joe (Thursday, June 19, 2014)

  • Extra Picture #1
    Extra Picture #1

    Last extra picture for the session.

    webmaster (Thursday, June 19, 2014)

  • More sessions with her?

    wetfan (Friday, June 20, 2014)

    • No, not yet.

      webmaster (Saturday, June 21, 2014)

  • Absolutely stunning girl! And she enjoys it so much :)

    NS (Saturday, November 8, 2014)

    • Yes... she did. It was a great day, that day.

      webmaster (Saturday, November 8, 2014)

  • sexi bat in legins very sexi :D

    sugar (Saturday, August 15, 2015)

  • Oh you wish you were in leggings

    Guest (Sunday, May 8, 2016)

  • Did she wear a belt?

    Guest (Thursday, November 5, 2020)

    • No, she didn't.

      webmaster (Friday, November 6, 2020)

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