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Karida is working hard to stay in shape and of course any girl knows that after workout and during the workout hydration is the most crucial thing... So it's only natural that Karida hydrates herself with plenty of water during and after the workout.
The topless part is just... you know... a little extra ;)
Enjoy the view.


  • I love Karida,she is always sweet ande sexy,great video

    teknikken (Tuesday, March 6, 2012)

  • Extra Picture #2
    Extra Picture #2
    Extra Picture #1
    Extra Picture #1

    Extra pictures for Karida's fans.

    webmaster (Wednesday, March 7, 2012)

  • Beautiful tits.cool video.Thanks

    jeancroul05 (Thursday, March 15, 2012)

  • Love these white t shirt videos, a hand water spray would be awesome before the shower.

    harrypalmer (Monday, April 13, 2020)

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