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She is 19 and she was just heading home with the plan to take a shower and watch a movie after that.
Well... a hot shower and a good movie can be a good way to get rid of the stress and warm up your afternoon on a cold February day.
However... WHAT is the point of taking a shower if we cannot film it??? Of course I did not ask her *THAT*; instead I offered her a place to take that shower and have some extra money in her pocket at the end of the day.
I admit, the money made her happy, but I don't think it was the money that convinced her to come after all. Maybe it was the thrill of going with a complete stranger and relaxing in a bathtub with all your clothes on... Who knows what made this beauty come with us and soak her clothes, shoes and purse in our bathtub.
The bottom line is, she did it... and that is what matters. ;) So we have for you guys a new "hunted" girl.


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