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We met Madalina (Mada) in the city of Tārgu Mureş, where she born and raised. After a brief little chat, we told her about little reality show, where (as you know) we get all these hot girls and get them covered in various messy substances. As for Mada, we asked her if she was willing to cover herself in pudding. She seemed a bit unsure, but also curious and interested. We'll let you see for yourself how we were able to get this babe wearing blue jeans and black blazer all covered in pudding.
Wash-off session available at the end of the messy clip.


  • Wow, great job. Good video. Great girl

    HanoreT (Monday, February 6, 2012)

  • Did we see her nylon feet ?

    John (Thursday, October 10, 2013)

    • Hello John,
      no, she didn't took the heels off in this clip.

      webmaster (Thursday, October 10, 2013)

      • But look at the 4th picture, she's wear no shoes, they stand beside her

        John (Thursday, October 10, 2013)

        • True, my mistake :) she took the shoes off in the second part of the messy clip. No shoe removal during the wash off.

          webmaster (Thursday, October 10, 2013)

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