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Vanda is the girlfriend of Anita, check update T390c1 and you will see that I've meet the two girls toghether sitting on a bench. After Vanda watched for a while how Anita is getting herself covered with mud she joined her in the mud pit covering her jeans and blouse with plenty of thick mud. Check out the update and enjoy watching the girls having some fun together into the mud and then Anita let Vanda alone to enjoy the cold mud, which felt great (she said) in a hot summer day like that.

NOTE: This update contains a 16 minutes clip, encoded in HDV 720p (progressive) format and a set of 198 high resolution pictures, which can be downloaded one by one, OR ALL in a ZIP file format.


  • She looks really sexy, and I bet getting muddy in a hot summer day must be fun... Now I wonder... Should I ask to my Irina to get muddy with clothes on? Haha
    Can you post the link for the other update? And... There's no picture of the two girls playing in the mud?

    Ed (Wednesday, November 5, 2014)

    • Here is the link


      The question to Irina is up to you... BUT I'd hold it for a while :)

      webmaster (Thursday, November 6, 2014)

      • Thanks, and yeah, you're right I should wait, I be waited and I've seen her wet with clothes on, so I would wait. Maybe one rainy day we could run in rain again. And if I find a mid joke get her muddy... I'll just have to wait, thanks for the advice :)

        Ed (Saturday, November 8, 2014)

        • Good luck and let us know.

          webmaster (Monday, November 10, 2014)

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