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Nora looked like she could use a cool dip in the pool, because it was a hot day and she was all dressed up in black from head to toe; she looked like she was coming from or going to the office. I did not ask her where she was going or where did she come from because I thought it would be better if I tell her straight-up what I want from her, and it worked! Even without the usual, "You are the most beautiful woman on the planet," kind of lines we got her wet. She got wet simply because she wanted to, and I cannot say that she felt sorry for her decision after the swim in the pool. Hopefully, you will not be sorry after you download this clip. We have some close-up shots for the nylon socks fans because Nora was nice enough to remove her heels and pose for us without the shoes.


  • Beautiful model!Can we see an extra pic of her back, coming out of the pool?Thanks!

    Mariano (Monday, March 2, 2015)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      As close as I can get you.... Of course there are much better angles in the video.

      webmaster (Tuesday, March 3, 2015)

  • Great to see the full story from meeting Nora, persuading her to get into the pool until she finally gets in! She looks great in the elegant outfit, even diving with it! The view of her getting out of the water with loads of water running down her business suit is stunning! As written in the description she also shows her nylon covered feet in the video and 2 or 3 pics! Thanks!

    xelab (Thursday, July 9, 2015)

    • I thank you for the feedback.

      webmaster (Saturday, July 11, 2015)

  • I miss the good old times when the girls where diving.

    Jason.1984 (Monday, August 10, 2015)

    • Yes, me too... BUT we never instruct the girls to do something. We suggest sometimes BUT if they are not OK (by OK I mean happy) to do that, then is also cool.

      webmaster (Monday, August 10, 2015)

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