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She is probably the most casually dressed beauty I could find for you guys during a hot summer day. As opposed to the winter hunts, when the girls are fully dressed; in the summer, when the weather is hot, we have a bit of a hard time finding girls who are dressed. ...I mean, who wears anything more then a top and a pair of short pants?
Anyway, Diana was dressed perfectly for us: she was wearing a light shirt that was transparent enough to let us guess (when she got it wet) that she also wore a black bra underneath. She was also wearing a pair of tight black pants (no jeans) and a purple long sleeved bolero and a sexy pair of heels.
So yes, she was young, had a very beautiful smile, was nicely dressed and was totally up for it. As you can guess, we did not let NOT experience the feeling of wet clothes. In this clip we combined the shower shots with the pool shots and Diana (despite the fact that she was a little bothered by the cameras) managed to have a great time soaking her clothes for us.


  • She is very nice, I like how she is posing for the cameras!

    richard (Friday, February 24, 2012)

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