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When you meet two girls, the chances of them stopping and listening to what you have to say are a bit better, and you have to agree that they are even braver when they are two or more, as probably they feel safer. So when I saw Delia and Alexandra walking on the street, I knew that they would stop and listen to me. From that point to the point they stepped into the jacuzzi there is always some work to do and some things I need in order to get the girls wet and I am sure that you can think of a lot of things right now. BUT I will not bore you with those. Anyway... The result of the encounter with Alexandra and Delia was pretty wet in the end, and I am sure that the winter clothing fans and the casual clothing fans will enjoy this big time.
Have fun. ;)


  • 2 chicks one tub, what do you need more? I like that autumn is back:) nice water flows!

    Slider (Tuesday, September 14, 2010)

  • nice job! good clothing for a real wet-video!!

    B-Nore (Thursday, September 16, 2010)

  • Expecting for a long time the winter clothes comeback. Thank`s guys for the video! Keep on hunting:))

    w_nelson7 (Thursday, September 16, 2010)

  • Wow...its a Good thing these Girls get wet .....they really need to cool off ....and that's because they are so smokin HOT!!!!

    wanker (Friday, September 17, 2010)

  • In garigan extra Photos please

    Guest (Friday, October 3, 2014)

    • What is your name?

      webmaster (Friday, October 3, 2014)

  • Any extra picturea of wet jackets?

    Guest (Wednesday, October 8, 2014)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Extra picture for the wet jackets fans.

      webmaster (Wednesday, October 8, 2014)

  • Please more wet pictures from this Session

    Guest (Monday, January 12, 2015)

  • Extra Picture #1
    Extra Picture #1

    One extra for the fans.

    webmaster (Tuesday, January 13, 2015)

  • Watching this kind of semi-vintage set really makes me sad we don't see great graphic t-shirts like those two that often these days. I do not regret purchasing this set at all, great job. Speaking English wasn't necessary though, you could have gone with your native language. The more natural, the better.

    SwampertHoennson (Monday, March 27, 2023)

    • This set is also scheduled to be remastered and re-uploaded on the server. So soon it will be available in 1080p version.

      webmaster (Tuesday, March 28, 2023)

      • Will I have to purchase it again?

        SwampertHoennson (Tuesday, March 28, 2023)

  • If you can forward me the payment proof for the session, you don't have to buy it again.

    webmaster (Wednesday, March 29, 2023)

  • This session has become one of my favorites over the months, it's rare to have good graphic t shirts getting wet and it's even more rare to have the people actually commenting on the designs they have while they're getting wet. Maybe it can be counted on your fingers.

    I'll try to get the proof of payment to get the upscaled version asap.

    SwampertHoennson (Monday, July 31, 2023)

    • We don't have an upscaled version of this session on the site yet.

      webmaster (Tuesday, August 1, 2023)

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