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Vivien is expecting to meet her girlfriend and have a beer in a pub. She was dressed just to go out, wearing nothing fancy, or so she told herself. She knew that her friends sometimes get mad at her when she overdresses, so she thought that this time she would wear something as natural as possible.
After waiting for like a half hour she realized that something must have happened, her girlfriend was never late or missed an appointment before. Knowing that in the pub there is no cell phone signal, meaning she could not send or receive calls, she paid for the beer and she rushed to call the girl and see what happened. Well, it was very easy, and a common mistake that happens all the time: two pubs with similar names, and a misunderstanding that caused her girlfriend to wait for her in other pub for 20 minutes.
The question now for Vivien was how she was going to spend a now boring afternoon. One of the ideas was to watch movie and the other was to take a walk in the park, but none of the ideas was too appealing. So she just returned home and repeated the jacuzzi experiment from before, only now she took off the bra and exposed her topless body.


  • Flaviu, rhis has to be one of the most, if not th most sexiest video yu have done to dat. More on this theme PLEASE.

    As ever, keep up teh fantastic work.


    wetmac (Saturday, August 28, 2010)

  • Well... she is a beauty... all I did was to capture her ;)

    WEBMASTER (Saturday, August 28, 2010)

  • Now this is what I'm talking about. I know wam is more about the clothes then the girls :) but don't tell me she isn't hot. I really enjoyed this clip!

    niceman (Wednesday, September 15, 2010)

  • Ooo...she is quite a looker....:P Nice jacuzzi experiment! Hope to see more updates from her in the future!

    MoreForMe (Tuesday, September 21, 2010)

  • I don't have words to describe the beauty of this video. I am very impressed and I look forward to see many more videos with Vivien.

    Drewmix (Tuesday, September 20, 2011)

  • I love her she is so beauty!!

    Ed (Sunday, November 9, 2014)

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