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Joana is very proud of her hairstyling skills and she has a pretty big client database. Maya heard of her and she thought that she would give her a try. As Joana started to wash her hair, Maya felt like the water was running down on her back and she thought, "Oh my God, how can I go home like this? My suit will definitely change color when it's wet!" On top of all that, Maya found that Joana's skills were far worse then Maya thought they would be and so Maya kept moaning continuously and Joana could not stand that. Eventually, there came a point where Joana had to cool Maya off and of course the quickest way to do that was to throw her into the pool... Enjoy the rest.


  • Oh Maya is always fantastic, she is a perfect women, she is my favorite!I like to watch her videos!!

    herry (Monday, December 12, 2011)

  • Maya is always sexy and she know moves! perfect video with a perfect model!

    lucky (Friday, February 10, 2012)

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