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With this update we introduce Joana, a new beautiful model from Romania. In this episode Joana is after work (she is a marketing manager in real life too) and she want to relax a little bit by sitting on a bench and because all day long she was thirsty she bought a PET full of mineral water to drink a bit while she is relaxing. As you can guess, when she tried to drink she spilled some water on her business suit, but the feeling was not a bad one, she thought Joana and she continued to add more and more water on the elegant suit, her pantyhose and heels. She continued to pour water on her clothes for a while and then she realized that there are better ways to get wet then this and the feeling can be even better. So she took her pet and she went straight to the pool where she soaked her office clothes properly.

NOTE: This update contains a clip, encoded in HDV 720p (progressive) format and a set of 151 high resolution pictures, which can be downloaded in a ZIP file format or watched one by one.


  • I know this is a now an old clip, but I have to say Joana is a terrific wetlook model! A beautiful girl and I love the way she smiles into the camera. A great outfit for wetlook too!

    AnthonyX (Thursday, December 9, 2010)

  • Really fantastic video, with a perfect model!Thanks!

    frank (Tuesday, February 14, 2012)

  • Extra Picture #1
    Extra Picture #1

    For Joana's fans...

    webmaster (Monday, December 9, 2013)

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