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Otilia is a 20 year-old designer for a textile factory. When we met, she was just heading to work. Of course, I had no intentions of going with her to that textile factory, but she found our idea funny enough and we walked with her anyway. I can tell you that rarely do I find a girl who is very nicely dressed, even when she goes to work - exceptions are usually when the girl is a secretary or has an office job. However, Otilia is clearly the kind of girl who likes to look stunning even in the office, and she most probably looks for the latest trends all the time. The day we met she was wearing a pair of tight boots, a fancy winter blouse and a superb white leather jacket. Check the update to see Otilia having a nice time soaking all her clothes and her bag into the warm pool.

NOTE: The video is encoded at 720p HDV standard and the 147 pictures can be downloaded as well as any other picture set in a ZIP format or one by one.


  • Very sexy girl and a great video. Loved the soaked jacket and her tight jeans.

    KarlOhh2 (Friday, February 10, 2012)

  • did she remove her boots?

    chris (Tuesday, November 6, 2012)

    • No, she did not.

      webmaster (Tuesday, November 6, 2012)

  • Extra Picture #1
    Extra Picture #1

    A full body picture for the fans.

    webmaster (Tuesday, November 12, 2013)

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