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Judith is just arriving home from a party where she was having too much drink and she arrived home with the thought to take a hot bath and get to sleep and be ready for the next day (which was a Monday) She asked her room mate to fill the tub for her and when she arrived home she wanted to test the water before she will go and get undressed and ready for the bath. While she stand there on the side of the tub she thought it was nice to have one last glass of liqueur and during the time she was drinking it she remembered that each time she got wet with her clothes on she had a wonderful time so it would not be a bad idea to get into the bath just the way she was dressed. So she did... she put first one leg into the tub and her heels, nylons and bottom of her elegant suit become soaked in instant.... She loved the feeling and especially the fact that she was a little dizzy made the feeling even better. SO she continued to add more and more water on her clothes till they become pretty much soaked and then she just lie in the bath still wearing her elegant suit pantyhose and heels.
I will leave you to discover the rest and watch Judith removing all the clothes till she is only dressed with a sexy black thong.

NOTE: The clip is encoded at 720p HDV standard and as usual the 198 pictures can be downloaded one by one or in ZIP file.


  • I would love to do laundry with her

    messiest74 (Thursday, December 23, 2010)

  • Beautiful women, erotic video!

    Charlie (Tuesday, November 1, 2011)

  • Exciting video,professional model!I like this!

    herry4 (Wednesday, March 14, 2012)

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