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The crew met Claudia in a park, where she sat on a bench. She was a little bitchy in the beginning, making me wonder if her looks and the outfit she wore were worth the risk of getting just a simple "Fuck you..." Anyway, I took the risk and asked her if I could sit next to her, and after the usual chit-chat, I told her why we were there. You can learn the rest of the story for yourself. She accepted our invitation to get wet in the sea, and while she was not thrilled when her dress kept popping up because of the waves, she felt nice posing for the cameras. We hope you enjoy the clip.


  • this is a pretty good clip with her.

    BadBoys (Tuesday, September 20, 2011)

  • It's the best clip with her (cos it's the only one)

    WEBMASTER (Sunday, October 2, 2011)

  • Wow.. Wonderful women in the sea fully clothed...I like this!Great video!

    lucky1 (Friday, February 3, 2012)

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