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Karida had been shopping, she had needed to buy herself a new outfit for her friends wedding the following day. She went into a Subway restaurant to get herself something to eat. While she was in the restaurant eating her meal she noticed a lad - he couldn't of been that old - watching her. She thought that he was probably looking at her ample chest as it was so warm she had decided to wear no bra. He stared at her all the time she was eating. Once she had finished she left the restaurant and decided to head home. She was walking along at a steady pace when she realised that following her behind was the small boy from the restaurant. Karida new she should be worried but secretly she was flattered and had decided to let the lad have a surprise.

Once she arrived at home she went round to her indoor pool at the side of her house. She new that the lad had followed into her garden so she presumed that he would have followed her round to the pool. She caught a glimpse of him in the corner of her eye, looking through the glass front of the pool. Karida had decided what to do. The lad was in for a good time!

Karida walked around her pool until she came to the steps opposite the window the lad was looking through. She was wearing a white top, denim jeans and velvet heels. She stepped down onto the first step of the pool, then down to the second. On the second step this slightly wet her heels. She walked down 2 more steps this time soaing her heels through and slightly wetting the tops of her jeans. This time she walked all the way into the pool. This soaked her through all the way to the top of her waist. She noticed that the lad was now standing in full view of her. So with this she bobbed up and down in the water wetting her white shirt up to her shoulders and clinging and shaping itself around her breasts. You could tell by the look on her face that the feeling of wet clothes on her skin was turning her on. She could only imagine what the lad outside was feeling. Karida then decided roll over in the water - submerging her hair - and grabbed her heels from her feet. The jeans had clinged to her bum tightly and has she rolled over the lads eyes popped out he couldn't believe what he was seeing before his eyes. The jeans where a dark shiny colour and showed Kadira's curves off perfectly. She swam out towards the steps readying herself to get out she hoped that the lad would of gone by now but no he was still stood there watching her every move.

NOTE: The clip is encoded at 720p HDV standard and as usual the pictures can be downloaded one by one or in ZIP file.


  • Beautiful breasts..She is so sensual.I love to watch her play in the water

    Herryy (Thursday, September 15, 2011)

  • Love the color of wet jeans + white shirt, very exciting to watch...very sexi video

    doudoupino2 (Monday, February 20, 2012)

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