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It's another winter update for the fans, this time with Betty. The day was not so cold for the winter, but after you spend an hour or two walking on the streets you start to feel the cold even in your bones. We were about to go back to the warm apartment when we saw her, and I thought that this would be the last person that I would stop to get into the bath that day. She seemed a bit cold in the beginning, but slowly as I explained why it is so important to speak in English with her and I told her what do we were doing that day on the streets, she seemed more friendly. Betty is a Hungarian girl (I love Hungarian girls, because they are more open minded in general then Romanian girls. Well, to me anyway.). In this episode I used a "famous" description of our dryer, and since that day, my team tends to laugh when they remember it; however, it was not the dryer line the one which convinced Betty to come and trade the university courses for an afternoon with us and change the co!
ld winter day for a warm apartment and a hot bath. In fact, I still don't even know what made her say yes, because she did not accept the money I wanted to offer, but she stepped into the bath with all her clothes on - sport shoes, jeans, blouse and her coat. Sorry guys, she kept the handbag dry. Enjoy the update!

NOTE: The video is encoded only at 720p HDV standard and the 156 pictures can be downloaded as well as any other picture set in a ZIP format.


  • Is this possible to have a wet jeans picture?

    Guest (Tuesday, July 1, 2014)

    • Extra Picture #1
      Extra Picture #1

      Sadly the jeans went very dark when wet...

      webmaster (Wednesday, July 2, 2014)

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