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Wearing long red leather boots, black pantyhose, denim mini skirt, white sweater and white winter jacket, Mihaela is ready for playing in the pool. First, she sits by the steps and dips her red boots and denim skirt into the pool. She then ventures further into the pool and gets her white sweater and jacket totally soaked. As she walks across the pool, she discards her jacket and her sweater becomes completely visible. As her sweater is already completely wet, it clings to her skin and it becomes apparent that she isn't wearing any underwear. Later on, she decides to lightly play with the water outside the pool, providing a nice view of her totally drenched self.


  • Wow, long legs, not to mention with those boots, and the winter clothes at the top with the seethru blouse is just great!

    looong (Thursday, September 30, 2010)

  • This is a really hot babe. Sexy outfit. I felt really good watching this hot girl getting wet - fully clothed. And those red boots are a killer ...

    Blinn (Wednesday, December 29, 2010)

  • Boots + skirt + water = OUFF, when you used boots for wetting top, it becaume AMAISING, great video...

    doudoupino2 (Monday, February 20, 2012)

    • OUFF???
      What is OUFF?

      webmaster (Monday, February 20, 2012)

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