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Helen likes business outfits - she has plenty of them and you saw most of them in various situations. However, this orange suit was tailored specifically for her. Maybe that's why she felt so good soaking it... ;)
She had a lot of fun in the water, often splashing it around in various directions, all while getting her customized outfit thoroughly soaked. During her fun, she removed her jacket, providing better visuals of her wet blouse, which becomes quite translucent. Also, it becomes apparent that her tailored outfit looks and fits much better when wet. ;)


  • Nice and sensual...I like to watch this video

    Tom33 (Thursday, September 8, 2011)

  • That's a great looking girl having fun getting wet! Loved the video! Very good quality pictures!

    herry (Monday, February 13, 2012)

  • Extra Picture #2
    Extra Picture #2
    Extra Picture #1
    Extra Picture #1

    For Helen's fans. And for all the fans who like a wet business suit.

    webmaster (Friday, April 5, 2013)

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