30 Dollar

As EuroWAM.net is online for more then four years now, we can afford to give all the customers a gift  for their purchases and support... And especially IF you are a returning customer this feature will be your favorite for sure.

In a few words, if you buy from EuroWAM.net updates worth 30$ and you spend all the 30$ in the same month (Jan, Feb, Mar etc), we reward you with one free update ANY UPDATE YOU CHOOSE.
The system is TOTALLY AUTOMATIC. There is not need to email us, you can choose any free update you want from more then 2500 updates and the system will assign it FOR FREE to your cart.
We made a video help video to demonstrate how the things are working in the case of the free update and you are more then welcome to watch it using the HELP PAGE (scroll down to the video help section)

There are few rules to remember if you want to get the free update after each 30$ spent on the site:

1. The system is resetting itself in the beginning of each month. So if you spent less then 30$ in October the system will reset to 0 your purchases in the beginning of November and you will  not get the bonus update. So in order to get the free update you have to spend 30$ on the same site in the same month. 

2. You have to use THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS. The system works based on your email address, so during one month please use the same address for all your orders.

3. The system is live on EVERY SITE. BUT if you are planning to buy updates from more then one sub-sites of EuroWAM.net please use the eurowam.net to buy them. If (for example) buy 10$ from WetlookHunter.com, 8$ from casualwetlook.com and 12$ from WAMHunter.com the system will count that you have 22$ purchased on wetlookhunter.com and 8$ on casualwetlook.com so you will not have on neither of the sites 30$
This is why is better that in that case to use EuroWAM.net and  buy only from there all the clips. If you like (and buy) only the WetlookHunter.com updates you can use only WetlookHunter.com.

4. The system will not count the membership purchases... only the download store purchases.

See a presentation video and a rules to remember video below OR visit the help page and watch the help videos from there.
Select 720p resolution from the right of the video screen and then FULL SCREEN to view the videos properly.

We hope that you will enjoy the new feature and we will give out many many bonus updates.

Select 720p resolution from the right of the video screen and then FULL SCREEN to view the videos properly.


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