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T961c6 (EuroDunk)

Update contains: 11 minutes video (1080p + 720p), 134 (1200x960 size) high quality pictures

Main Picture

It's her first update so give her a warm welcome. And it's not just her first dunk session but also her first wetlook session and 26 years old Katinka put on one of her office outfits and she was ready to be dunked. During the session she removes her clothes gradually... ending the session in pantyhose and bra.

Update contains: 11 minutes video (1080p + 720p), 134 (1200x960 size) high quality pictures

Comments (10) Extra Pictures (2)
Absolutely great dunking session! It seems as she likes getting wet fully clothed!

Katinka is a new EuroWAM Model? ...she is fantastic..!!
Mike99 (Tuesday, June 26, 2018)
Thank you for the feedback Mike.
webmaster (Tuesday, June 26, 2018)
Is there a picture of her feet?
thanks. she is amazing!
Guest (Wednesday, June 27, 2018)
We don't have close-ups on her feet but I have a nice one for the legs fans.
Extra Picture #1
Extra Picture #1
webmaster (Monday, July 2, 2018)
She looks like a huge smile is just waiting to burst forth from her lovely face after she emerges all beautifully wet!

To her is would say this -"Go ahead and SMILE! You KNOW you WANT to!"

Lovely girl!
Doug Dress2Splash (Thursday, June 28, 2018)
Thank you for the comment ;)
webmaster (Monday, July 2, 2018)
How did you get her to agree to show underwear for the first time?
asksaga (Friday, June 29, 2018)
It is funny but most of the girls don't realise that their hear will be under the water when they are dunked... And after they do it for the first time it is not very hard to do it again.. in fact it is fun for most of them.
webmaster (Monday, July 2, 2018)
Great photo's do you have one of her ass when she is getting out the tank?
wet_si (Sunday, July 8, 2018)
Extra Picture #1
Extra Picture #1
webmaster (Friday, July 13, 2018)
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