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T982c4 (WetlookHunter)

Update contains: 19 minutes video (1080p + 720p), 139 (1600x1200 size) high quality pictures

Main Picture

She is pretty, she is funny and she choose as career one that is close to modelling BUT entirely different. She looked at our proposal as one would look to a challenge and of course our huntress was persuasive enough to get Bettina wet at the end of the day.

Update contains: 19 minutes video (1080p + 720p), 139 (1600x1200 size) high quality pictures

Comments (22) Extra Pictures (3)
Pretty model, very nice preview pictures, thank you!

Did she take off the shoes and show the wet socks?
Bruce (Friday, June 22, 2018)
Yes, she took off the shoes.
webmaster (Monday, June 25, 2018)
I knew from the pictures that it is great :)
baneco (Friday, June 22, 2018)
people comment on this great project, I do not want it to fall
Baneco (Saturday, June 23, 2018)
can we see her from back?
Gerard (Saturday, June 23, 2018)
Yes, but I don't have pictures...
webmaster (Monday, June 25, 2018)
does she have pockets in the back of her pants?
Jerry (Monday, June 25, 2018)
Extra Picture #1
Extra Picture #1
webmaster (Tuesday, June 26, 2018)
Can we see a pic of her wet shoes?
Mtfoto (Tuesday, June 26, 2018)
Here is one close-up for the shoes fans.
Extra Picture #1
Extra Picture #1
webmaster (Monday, July 2, 2018)
Any pics of her wet jacket?
Gus (Tuesday, June 26, 2018)
One with wet jacket, for the fans.
Extra Picture #1
Extra Picture #1
webmaster (Monday, July 2, 2018)
What date is the next update
Guest (Tuesday, July 3, 2018)
This month on 22.
webmaster (Tuesday, July 3, 2018)
Great set. Could you please do some Levi's wetlook? It's been a while from this site.
Guest (Tuesday, July 3, 2018)
If a girl happens to wear Levis we will sure have Levis. We don't dress up the girls in any way for the hunter projects.
webmaster (Wednesday, July 4, 2018)
Hope the next hunter has super sexy heels
Guest (Thursday, July 5, 2018)
Well, that is a matter of luck ;)
webmaster (Friday, July 13, 2018)
I completely understand. Perhaps if you see someone attractive in Levi's, maybe try to persuade them. If not, maybe for some of your upcoming wetinjeans, wetlook4u, casualwetlook, sexywetlook, etc. try to find some Levi's or see if the models own some? Wearing jeans in a shower is supposedly better than throwing them in a washer, so they need not worry about ruining their jeans.
Guest (Thursday, July 5, 2018)
Fully agree with the last sentence.
webmaster (Friday, July 13, 2018)
how do the girls react when you tell them, they need to walk home wet? aren´t they afraid to be cold or to be seen by other people?
Guest (Sunday, July 15, 2018)
Well, there are some who feel uncomfortable, you can see that on her face.
webmaster (Sunday, July 15, 2018)
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