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Thursday, September 9, 2010


At first I thought she lost her contact lenses :) but then I thought maybe you made her bark :) anyway, I wont judge :) but the scene was great, I liked it a lot!
firstthougts (Thursday, September 9, 2010)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


This has to be one of the best jeans scenes I ever seen.
Christopher (Wednesday, September 8, 2010)


Yes... sometimes the sun go away and this is why is happening (I'm just guessing here) but the clip rocks and the girl is superb.
Hazel (Wednesday, September 8, 2010)
Love the black trousers.. The only dislike I have here is the lighting in the trousers area.. Often too dark to enjoy the glistening beauty..
Dan (Wednesday, September 8, 2010)


I'm not really a hunter fan as I prefer to see prefect girls in wet scenes but I did have to watch this as the black clothes with the pretty Edness just made me curious and it was worth it!
hunter (Wednesday, September 8, 2010)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I love girls in jeans, but she did not get her hair wet.
But i am a big fan of Caroline.
hutch1872 (Tuesday, September 7, 2010)


This one was ok, but not enough action, she only dipped her head under the water once. And only a little bit of swimming.
hutch1872 (Tuesday, September 7, 2010)


I thought this was the best pool scene i have brought from your site. The model did a very good job. She is the first one to use the pool as a pool by swimming aroung and getting her hair wet.
I have a saying "If your hair is not wet you are not wet"!
hutch1872 (Tuesday, September 7, 2010)


i thought this one was very good infact i thing Eurodunk is your best site. Lots of action.
hutch1872 (Tuesday, September 7, 2010)


Good but could be better with more action.
hutch1872 (Tuesday, September 7, 2010)


I think the best about this video is the blue blouse which looks just great when it gets wet!
blouse (Tuesday, September 7, 2010)


I see she is having fun, I'm sure you guys did also, at least I would have besides a girl like her and the clothes that she is wearing :)
fun (Tuesday, September 7, 2010)

Monday, September 6, 2010


The boots were a bit to big as I can see :) but the girls is cute and the rest of the clothes also, so it was a pleaser to watch.
boots (Monday, September 6, 2010)


What a hair! and with that bottom dressed in black :) I just love it!
hair (Monday, September 6, 2010)

And could you add some more free pics to this as she does look good but would like to see more before buying.
pics (Monday, September 6, 2010)


First person shoot, yumi yumi, I felt like I had been there, have more of these please!
firstperson (Monday, September 6, 2010)


I loved everything about this, her shoes, her legs, her top, her bottom and the seethru top, just perfect for my taste!
shoes (Monday, September 6, 2010)

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I like it to show on women in wet and muddy tracksuits, its very crazy when these clothes are fully soaked and complete muddy!
More of them!
Supertracksuit (Sunday, September 5, 2010)


First thought you ask? she did look a bit like Oprah :) maybe you guys should do a scene with here to add at this great see thru dress on her :)
oprah (Sunday, September 5, 2010)

These are old scenes but some of the girls look great, will do some browsing here.
oldscenes (Sunday, September 5, 2010)
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