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Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I love the pooldunk video. This girls is really hot. Loads of good wetlook shots - nice closeups ...Love it!
Bofidw (Wednesday, January 5, 2011)


Really well done video. Great wetlook shots.
Efille (Wednesday, January 5, 2011)


very good choice of clothing ... this is what wetlook is about - most important thing is the clothing. Very good video. Great quality!
Gone (Wednesday, January 5, 2011)


Great wetlook video. This girl is very sexy. Just bought the video ... and i have to recommend it to all of wetlook lovers out there.
Biosis (Wednesday, January 5, 2011)
Me gusta mucho esa chica y su manera tan rica de Bañarse! Se ve muy Sensual!!!
retol (Wednesday, January 5, 2011)
Full Love for this video, real wetlook!
donomic (Wednesday, January 5, 2011)
what a tease} this girl makes my day, good quality wetlook video!
padrero (Wednesday, January 5, 2011)
Joana is quite a stunner. If she had worn a skirt instead of those jeans effect would have been far greater (I think), but it`s a great video!
Joseph (Wednesday, January 5, 2011)
most girls in europe are really the soaked jeans...
seasoner (Wednesday, January 5, 2011)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Great vid. Love her wet clothes. Thx
hgj12wetlook (Tuesday, January 4, 2011)


this girl is hot she had to cool off
MOBIUS (Tuesday, January 4, 2011)
I like the underwater pose she does!
wasser_g (Tuesday, January 4, 2011)


molto bella
Giorgio (Tuesday, January 4, 2011)


Delicious! I just love the way the girl in her jeans is gently teasing herself and lying on the seaside completely soaked
CROYSER (Tuesday, January 4, 2011)


Looking good ... looking good.
Enzo (Tuesday, January 4, 2011)


loved the update. That white shirt goes seethru when wet - exactly as i wanted ...
And the fact she is wearing a bra - perfect ...
Deptiral (Tuesday, January 4, 2011)


I am sure you just say that - this is a really nice girl ... she has a lot of fun during the video. So i saw ...
Quite a few wetlook shots in this update ... stunning pictures!
Hound (Tuesday, January 4, 2011)


This is what real wetlook should look like. I love everything about this clip - the clothes are great ... and the hot girl is like the cherry on the pie ...
torm (Tuesday, January 4, 2011)
nice colours! her dress is gorgeous. she looks like an arabian girl, is she hungarian? I love her wet roleplay, congrats!
jibril707 (Tuesday, January 4, 2011)
i love the way the water glistens on the dress..nice play
piska98 (Tuesday, January 4, 2011)
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