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Monday, September 27, 2010


Nadejdea does like to play doesn't she? :) nice clip btw, loved the black pants and shirt with the white belt, good match!
Nadejdea (Monday, September 27, 2010)


She is just great, I think it is a pleasure to do clips whit her isn't it guys?
great (Monday, September 27, 2010)


She looks just like a Russian girl, is she from there?
russia? (Monday, September 27, 2010)


Blue with black? I think it's a great match and on her it's even better, Caroline should do this all day long :)
bluewithblack (Monday, September 27, 2010)


She is great, the black tight dress is outstanding and making her legs look even longer, it was a joy seeing this.
Lili (Monday, September 27, 2010)


I loved how the shirt turned to black once wet and did show her curves, great clip!
turnedtoblack (Monday, September 27, 2010)

Sunday, September 26, 2010


FULLY AGREE... Maya is a wetlook Goddess... that's for sure.
Skinny (Sunday, September 26, 2010)

No, the only sets available at this moment are the ones we took back in 2001-2003.
Thank you for the feedback.
WEBMASTER (Sunday, September 26, 2010)
Do you have any recent sets with Gaby?
X_Nerd (Sunday, September 26, 2010)


Isn't she a beauty? Please pass my regards to Chris (if possible).
Pepe (Sunday, September 26, 2010)


Love the wet white pants. Well spent money.
Doc (Sunday, September 26, 2010)


SAM (Sunday, September 26, 2010)


No, as far as I know she is a top model in Hungary now... BUT she don't do fetish modeling anymore.
WEBMASTER (Sunday, September 26, 2010)
Do you have any recent footage with this girl?
Ariel (Sunday, September 26, 2010)


can I know the place that she is hitchhiking the next time? Fantastic clip.
A Vittel (Sunday, September 26, 2010)


First I thought with that big coat she will sink down like a stone but happily she didn't :) and it was great!
coat (Sunday, September 26, 2010)


What a great seethru, you could add this to magazines like Playboy :) just have a look on the second picture, perfect!
seethru (Sunday, September 26, 2010)

Saturday, September 25, 2010


The perfect outfit for a secretary ... watch and learn ladies. I wish this one would be my secretary :)
All i can say is that she really loves getting wet ... just watch the video ... you will see!
Carlos (Saturday, September 25, 2010)


This is the look i've always looked for ... next door girl type videos. And the red dress ... is just perfect. Wish i were there ...
Kim (Saturday, September 25, 2010)


This is obviously the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. I know, this is my opinion, but just look at her ...
Great video quality also. With the WAMClub memebership i've bought all her videos. YES!
Dumas (Saturday, September 25, 2010)
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