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Monday, January 24, 2011


This is a very good wetlook video. A sexy red dress on a hot babe - in a pool. Lovely. The pictures are amazing!
Chroal (Monday, January 24, 2011)

Their red underwear is exciting
jule (Monday, January 24, 2011)


She must do this some more times
ny12 (Monday, January 24, 2011)

These are the exciting beauties.I'm sure they would like a third part to join:D
breny (Monday, January 24, 2011)


She's a very pretty blonde, i like how she plays in the water.
herm (Monday, January 24, 2011)


She makes me crazy. i can't take off my mind.
james (Monday, January 24, 2011)
Very hot and sensual.Great choice for a wetlook video
Scott D (Monday, January 24, 2011)

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Ilka is very sexy. The clothes are well chosen for this wetlook session!
I love her boots!
Tubicen (Saturday, January 22, 2011)


That's a great wet jeans video. The way her jeans are soaked and tight to her body is just lovely and very sexy!
Aspan (Saturday, January 22, 2011)

Friday, January 21, 2011


one of the hottest videos with this sexy babe - loved the yeallow suit and the fact she's getting her jacket off at the middle of the video ... letting for a few times a glimpse of her nice cleavage. Nicely done!
angal (Friday, January 21, 2011)


Winter clothing updates are the best ones in my opinion. They are exactly what i wanted to see on sexy wetlook site. Thank you!
Mopr (Friday, January 21, 2011)


Nice BIIIG boobs. And that greenish dress is slightly see thru when wet - exactly as supposed to be in a wetlook video. greaqt update!
praya (Friday, January 21, 2011)


This is a great jeans video. Very good choice of jeans color also.
Healey (Friday, January 21, 2011)


Love how shes soaking her clothes!damn ...very hot!
autwoll (Friday, January 21, 2011)


This is an exciting video, i liked it a lot and i will look at some more times.
dset (Friday, January 21, 2011)


When she's wet she takes me off my leggs.
noker (Friday, January 21, 2011)


These clothes fit extraordinary to this girl,gorgeous.
mordon (Friday, January 21, 2011)


wery hootttt plz moore i love your sexy wet heels..
tibes (Friday, January 21, 2011)
You can share a bath with me any time!Great vid!
struth (Friday, January 21, 2011)


Very very sexy looking woman getting wet :)I like it !!!
dostaan (Friday, January 21, 2011)
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