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T855c4 (Sexy Wetlook)

Update contains: 15 minutes video (720p), 180 (1280x960 size) high quality pictures

Main Picture

When Judith came to the shootings dressed like this, the crew said that it will be no good for a sexy wetlook session. BUT we didn't know that she was planning to remove all her clothes during the session, so we had some wet sexiness after all ;)

Update contains: 15 minutes video (720p), 180 (1280x960 size) high quality pictures

Comments (7) Extra Pictures (1)
Very nice ! Tight jeans and high boots beautiful ! And with such a beautiful woman ! I love it ! Maybe a picture of the back, with the boots ?
Michael (Wednesday, May 13, 2015)
extra pictures maybe?
Night (Wednesday, May 13, 2015)
One extra for you and Michael.
Extra Picture #1
Extra Picture #1
webmaster (Wednesday, May 13, 2015)
When are you guys ever gonna start posting an Ebony or bi-racial models. There's definitely a lack of those on your site.
Jason (Thursday, May 14, 2015)
Hello Jason,
probably not soon as in 14 years since I produce wetlook I didn't met any model as you describe. Karida is half arab but that was it :)
webmaster (Friday, May 15, 2015)
Ik zou bij Judith wel even die douchekop willen zijn
Sjakie2 (Thursday, May 28, 2015)
Gogle translation

I would like to be with Judith well as the showerhead
webmaster (Thursday, May 28, 2015)
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